Zion Baptist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019


The purpose of our school is to support the home and extend the ministry of Zion Baptist Church by providing Biblically based, age appropriate education for preschoolers. Our program is based on Scripture as the authority and Jesus as the model. Each person on staff is a professing and practicing Christian with the same basic beliefs as Zion Baptist Church.


Zion Baptist Weekday Preschool began in September of 2001. We have been richly blessed since the beginning. We have great facilities, a Godly, well trained staff, a safe playground, a supportive church and caring ministerial involvement. 


 We are a Christ centered school that is directed by God’s Holy Word. Our goal is to provide your child a Biblical foundation that can be built upon as they grow. We want to help your child to become the enthusiastic learner by meeting their spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs.  We want to help them find a joy in learning while building a foundation of trust. We offer weekly Chapels, musical experiences (both through chapel and music classes), and recreational activities throughout the year. We have special events like the pumpkin party, Hallelujah Festival, Thanksgiving celebration, Christmas program with lunch, Weekday Recognition Day and family luncheon, Easter Egg Hunt, Game Day, Pastries with Parents, Year End Program and a Year End Celebration.

 Shelley Cheramie - Director - Biography

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