Desperately Driven

Desperately Driven

6-23-19, AM Service (Dr. Lane Collins)

Something incredible happened 2000 years ago. For on the Day of Pentecost, a small group of Christians gathered for prayer and the presence and power of the Holy Spirit fell. As a result, they praised the Lord, Peter preached the Word, thousands were saved, and the Church as we know it was born.


Have you ever wondered why some churches are so vibrant and get larger by the week, while others are barely able to keep their doors open? This Sunday the answer will be revealed! So, ZBC, let me ask you … “Are we as devoted to Christ as we ought to be? And do you think we can experience the power of Pentecost here in Covington and beyond?” Yes, I believe that we can, but we’ve got to be desperately driven for certain things … four to be exact!


Here we take a look at “Desperately Driven” (Acts 2:1-6, 14, 37-38; Revelation 3:1-3) and embrace the things that God desires of us as we move forward into our future.